Ysabot's Cure Light Wounds Potions


These do not look quite like the ones you can buy from the Church of Pharisma or from Apothecaries, which Ysabot denounces as overpriced rubbish filled with useless colouring agents and sugar to make them more attractive to the eye (and palatte). They have a colour which varies between snot green and vomit yellow, with the consistency of a rather bitty slime. Ysabot advises that it is best to down them in one swallow, without ruminating on the contents too much. If the party insists she will admit that strong mustard makes them slightly more palatable, and if a large jar of this is supplied she will incorporate some. The known ingredients are marshwort,lady’s necklace, starmoss and spiders webs (or frogspawn). She can make about one per evening, and also seems to add a pinch of salt. They do seem to work very effectively.

Cure Light Wounds heals 1d8+2 hits.


Ysabot's Cure Light Wounds Potions

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