The Guardsman's Mace

weapon (melee)

’Guardsman’s Mace’

Est GP Value: 2312 Type: Heavy Mace B, 8 lbs

The first victim of the Harrowstone riot was the captain of the guards, a cruel man named Gurtis Vortch who wasn’t much better than the prisoners he enjoyed torturing and tormenting. Gurtis was a sly man, and concealed his brutality well from his superiors, so much so that he was gifted this bulky black mace “for 10 years of dedicated service in the name of justice”. Gurtis would use the mace to ring the bars of cells, keeping prisoners awake for days on end. Current owner: Sif Ironarm.

This functions as a +1 heavy mace

The Guardsman's Mace

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