Guardian Moppet


These simple dolls, crudely sewn from burlap, rags, and dark thread with bone button eyes and stuffed with old wool in the semblance of a child or kindly animal, are usually crafted by orphaned witch-prodigies to guard children against those who would harm them. A guardian moppet grants a +2 resistance bonus to saves against witch hexes and hides the bearer from the child-scent* hex as long as it is held in hand or worn around the neck; it can be held while wielding a buckler or light shield.

In addition, when worn or carried by a child (including creatures with the young simple template), each guardian moppet can detect the presence of one menace that children fear: aliens (aberrations, outsiders), bad people (monstrous humanoids, or humanoids with a subtype different from the bearer’s, including shapechangers), bad spirits (fey, undead), creepy-crawlies (oozes, vermin, Tiny or smaller animals), or monsters (dragons, magical beasts). If a creature of its type comes within 20 feet, the guardian moppet awakens its bearer if asleep (with a silent mental alarm), or begins to weep and cry aloud if its bearer is awake; in either case, the bearer is protected by a sanctuary (Will DC 11) for 1 minute that affects only creatures of the chosen types. The guardian moppet must have line of effect to detect creatures of its type; thus, solid barriers prevent its detection. It cannot be fooled by stealth (including magical invisibility or silence), but it cannot detect creatures that are astral, ethereal, or polymorphed.


Guardian Moppet

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