Shadows Over Ustalav

Working Lunch

November 1st 4711: Afternoon.

Soon after midday Christov returned, looking very tired. He did join them for lunch however.

“I have a new trick” said Ysabot. “Watch this” She produced a small rose coloured prism shaped gem from a pouch, grasped it in front of her face, and then threw it up in the air. The stone settled into a slow orbit around Ysabot’s head.

“It’s an Ioun Stone” explained Ysabot. “That fool Quess- your new girlfriend Christov- has had this on sale for a while as a standard gem; she obviously doesn’t know what it is. I bought it for 500 gp instead of what its actually worth: probably 5000 gp. Do me a favour, and don’t tell her.”

“What does it do?” asked Sif.

“Well it kind of gives me a bit of a sixth sense. Makes it a bit easier to dodge that skeleton’s sword or whatever. Protection is good.”replied Ysabot.

“I am an Inquisitor of Pharisma now”, said Christov smugly. “That gives me certain privileges. For now I’m just very tired, but we do need to discuss yesterday.”

After some discussion the group agreed that they needed to descend to the lower level, which was apparently the source of the recent problems.

“The problem is,” said Ysabot, “It took four Haunt Siphons to defeat two of those Spirits. There are still three left, and only another four Siphons. This poses difficulties- potentially fatal ones.”

“Versorianna indicated there were things in the Strongroom which might help.” said Keryn. " We need to get into there initially."

“Bashing the door won’t help. That was a secure door. It would just make it more unopenable.” said Christov.

“And the key could be anywhere-even downstairs” added Ysabot. “I have one suggestion.”

“Look”, she continued, “I know zero about lockpicking but from what I saw Keryn spent thirty seconds on that big door before giving up, whereas on the safe she took a lot of care and time and managed to do it.”

Keryn nodded in agreement “That’s true Ysabot, but in all likelihood the secure door lock is still more difficult. If I had better tools it might be another story.”

“Well maybe we can simulate that. Alendru has had a wand on sale for some time-not really on my buying list, But what it would do is boost your manual dexterity for quite a few minutes. I’ve costed it up before and we could get it for maybe….” she did a quick mental calculation, “…say 1120 gp. If we used that, and Keryn took her time with it, and maybe if we could convince Jorfa to knock off some one-off tools or whatever, that might give us a chance to open it. Remember we still have the Rag Doll we could sell for 720 gp.”

“Er there’s one other thing”, said Keryn, “We’re supposed to go for tea at Councilman Hearthmount’s later this afternoon. 4.00 pm in fact.” This was greeted by universal groans.

“I’m exhausted” said Christov. “I’m going to bed. Tell him I was wounded in our valiant battle against the Living Dead in order to save Ravengro, or something.” He stumped upstairs.

At 4.00 pm the rest of the group, duly scrubbed, presented themselves at Councillor Heathmount’s imposing residence, on the other side of the river. A rather grumpy looking manservant showed them in, after almost refusing to let Sif in as she would not leave her weapons at the door. Fortunately sanity prevailed, and Sif was persuaded by her collegues that she was being unreasonable,and her attitude a serious breach of etiquette. Not without some sideways stares, the manservant eventually escorted them in.

Over tea the Councilman pressed them about the problems the town was experiencing- the incidents among the populace were still continuing apace. Even with additional resources, the Guard were busy and hard pressed. Trig was able to reassure him however that the problem was a least partially solved, and would hopefully be completely so within the week. The group returned home around 7.00 pm. Christov was still fast asleep.



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