Shadows Over Ustalav

The Property Room

November 2nd 4711

It was largely decided to forestall investigations again on this day, and Trig and Sif decided to go plant hunting up on the moors. Ysabot meanwhile had sold the Moppet Doll to Alendru and purchased the wand she had spoken of, and together with Keryn and Christov, plus a few minor supplies, they made their way up to Harrowstone early in the morning, hoping to be back home for a late breakfast.

Entering the prison foyer they turned immediately down the short corridor to the right, to face the secure door of the Property Room. As Keryn laid her tools out on the floor, Ysabot took out a small sand timer and the wand she had purchased, and when Keryn indicated that she was ready, activated it.

Periodically, when indicated by the timer, Ysabot recast the wand’s enchantment on Keryn, who was working slowly and methodically at the lock. She was rewarded over ten minutes later with a click, and the door swung open.

Inside were a number of containers and drawers, all labelled with the names of prisoners. Ysabot took out her journal and read off the names of the five notorious prisoners. There was a drawer for each of them, and although the group did not possess the Piper’s real name, it appeared that the prison authorities had not either, as there was a drawer simply labeled ‘Piper.’

The Lopper’s container contained some mundane personal possessions, and a well crafted and wicked -looking handaxe. Close inspection indicated that although the weapon had been cleaned before being put away, there were dried bloodstains both on the polished handle and on the axe blade itself. “That weapon is magical” indicated Ysabot. Nodding Christov stowed away his gladius and tucked it into his belt. “I’ll buy some sort of sheath or belt attachment later” he indicated.

The Piper’s and Father Charlatans’s boxed contained an expensive looking silver flute, and a jumble of silver holy symbols and chains. These did not appear to be magical but no doubt would fetch a decent resale price.

In the Splatter Man’s box was a large and mouldy spell book. Opening the pages Ysabot indicated that a number of the spells were still readable, and that she might be able to learn some of them , given a little time. “The book itself also seems to be enchanted in some way”, she frowned. “I’m not sure how- maybe Kendra can determine later.” The inventory list inside the box also indicated a sword called ‘Nameless’, along with a scribble note saying ’warden’s office.’

Finally the Marauder’s box contained a very well made Master Smith’s crafting hammer. Although not that fearsome a weapon, the group agreed that perhaps it might have some special effect on the Marauder’s Haunt when confronted. In any case with her interest in Armour making, Sif determined that the hammer might be of some future use anyway, and tucked it in her belt.

A review of some of the other containers revealed some incidental loot, including another wand, a set of very good thief tools (Better than mine" said Keryn), a rolled up painting and some assorted jewellry.

“All in all a tidy little haul” said Ysabot.



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