Shadows Over Ustalav

Taking it Easy

November 10th 4711

Over the next few days, with no pressing issues or problems the members of the group made the most of their enforced stay in Ravengro. Ysabot started rising later and later, though she did spend some time brewing potions from the herbs which Trig and Cristov fetched from some of their longer walks, as they searched out the dwindling supply before the Autumn weather became too advanced.

Sif gained a distraction when she was approached by the Half Elf Guard Trestleblade, who asked her if she would give her some fighting tuition while she remained in Ravengro. Slightly flattered, and with little else to do, Sif started to train a couple of hours each day with her, and the Half Elf proved a willing pupil.

Kendra too had finally made up her mind. “I’ve been thinking about recent events, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll stay in Ravengro. I will take a journey to Lepidstadt however to purchase some books, and talk with my father’s old aquaintances.” she said. “I think I’ve been too insular in my study of magic, and I think I need to boost my range of spells. The events here have shown me that I need to be more prepared for such things, and as Allendru advances in years I can probably do some good here. I’ll stay.”

Some additional distraction was caused by Ysabot’s descision to buy a mule. Helped by Trig, she sought out a likely animal which she decided to name Wilf. Persimmon especially seemed to like the arrangement when her hooded wicker basket, with a waterproof leather covering, was perched on the very top of the portage saddle. From it’s cushioned interior she could watch the world go by, as Wilf walked along. Trig was quietly pleased to have another animal to fuss over.

Over dinner that night the group discussed their plans; their month at Ravengro was now almost near its end, and Kendra had made her descision as to her future. Frankly however, they were enjoying the opportunity to relax for a while, and especially so as the weather was now worsening considerably. After much debate a date one week hence was agreed for setting out towards Lepidstadt; the journey itself would take approximately a week.

“The distance from Ravengro to Lepidstadt is about 100 miles. No journey in Ustalav is without risk,but the old Mountain Road is generally regarded as the best route. This road goes northwest around the lake and follows the southeastern foothills of the Tusk Mountains, passing through Tamrivena and Courtaud before following the Lesser Moutray River up to Lepidstadt.” indicated Christov, “So we can break our journey a bit if we choose.”



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