Shadows Over Ustalav

Quiet Day, Quiet Night.

30th October 4711

Sif’s experiences were discussed over breakfast, mostly when she was out of the room.

“So,”asked Ysabot diplomatically, “Does this mean Sif will be killed by the Splatter Man next?”

After breakfast Sif and Kristov went shopping; they had decided to go up to Harrowstone the next day, but rope and other supplies would probably be advisable. Kristov determined that he needed better protection, and the two headed for Jorfa’s.

After some discussion Kristov decided on an expensive Breastplate, and he spent the rest of the morning having one of Jorfa’s pre made sets fitted. Sif wandered off to the new checkpoint she had noticed near Kendra’s house. A couple of bored looking townsfolk were present, obviously not too happy at being there; unfortunately they had only come on duty at 8 am and so had seen nothing the night before.

At the smithy Kristov learned that the Sheriff had recruited Kurt, one of Jorfa’s apprentices, along with several others to boost the numbers of deputies. In addition other townsfolk had been allocated to man four watchpoints into the village, to relieve the presure on the Guard.

Ysabot spent the day brewing more potions, and the group mentally prepared themselves for their expedition to Harrowstone on the next day.



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