Shadows Over Ustalav

Much to Think About

31st October 4711: Late Afternoon.

The sky was darkening as the group trudged back though the lashing rain, and approached Kendra’s house. Christov and Ysabot decided to go on to the Temple with the Haunt Siphons, to see how they might be safely disposed off. Christov had not said much- he had other things on his mind.

As they approached the Temple Ysabot waved at Brother Rufio, with whom she seemed to have some half tolerant bantering acquaintance.

“I need some Holy Water Rufio, can you round up your skivvies to sell me some?” she asked.

Rufio noded tolerantly, “And what would a non believer like yourself want with Holy Water Ysabot? I’m in enough trouble with letting you fool me into looking through the Temple archives.”

“It’s in a good cause” interrupted Christov unexpectedly. “We’ve been up to the haunted Prison, and we will be returning again. You also need to get Father Grimburrow. I have made up my mind. I have decided to sign the Inquisitor Accord.”

Rufio raised his eyebrows. “You have already trained?”

“Yes. In Ardis. With Inquisitor Hoffman.But I needed to make my mind up. Now I’ve decided.”

“Very well, I’ll go and get him. And your Holy Water” responded Rufio, and went off into the main building.

“Inquisitor eh? " asked Ysabot. “That’s, er, Good.”

“Yes isn’t it?” smiled Christov. “What this will mean though is that I will need to stand a Holy Vigil tonight, through to the morning. What with the ceremonies and oathtaking I probably won’t be back until noon tomorrow. And then I will not be in a fit state to do very much.”

“Fine, we could do with a day off after today. Especially Sif – I don’t think she has encountered Undead before.” replied Ysabot.

“And you Ysabot, you don’t seem that perturbed by them. Have you had much to do with the Undead?” asked Christov.

“Yes. I have.” she replied. But she would say no more.

A few minutes later Father Grimburrow arrived, and a brief account of their experiences was given. “Do you know how to dispose of these safely?” said Ysabot, handing the four used Siphons over.

“Haunt Siphons eh? I haven’t seen these in a while- out of fashion a bit nowadays. The Temple here used to keep some in a stash somewhere you know. I wonder….” Ysabot and Christov exchanged the hint of a look.

“Anyway”, he continued. "Yes I can. " The Siphons were handed over.

“I should be back briefly this evening” said Christov, “But I need to discuss the arrangements with Father Grimburrow here for now.” Ysabot took the hint and left.



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