Shadows Over Ustalav

A Farewell to Ravengro

November 20th 4711

Ysabot did some final checks with Trig’s help on Wilf’s saddle, and then stood waiting outside as Kendra came out to bid farewell. When it was her turn she spoke.

“If my half brother Agrimar returns to town please give him this letter” she said, handing over a sealed envelope. “Tell him not to worry and I’ll leave another message in the Prancing Boar in Lepidstadt, if I have to go on from there. I’ll send a message back here anyway.” Kendra nodded.

Kendra had postponed her visit to Lepidstadt until the Spring, when she would spend a few months staying with a friend there. Keryn was given a handful of letters from Kendra to her various aquaintances there, to help pave the way for her visit. More farewells were made, and the group moved slowly off, taking the long route through the village centre to pick up a few last minute supplies.

The Sheriff nodded as they moved past, as did Trestleblade whom Sif had been practising with- the half elf had seemed to gain confidence from their daily sessions.

Trig was now keen to get to Lepidstadt, as she had learned from the Gnomish family in Ravengro that this had also been her sister’s destination. Zokar the innkeeper came out with a basket of food for them to take, so they would have more than camp fare for the day at least, and young Pevrin walked out with them toward the village boundary.

Ysabot nodded at Rufio as they walked past the Temple, and old Father Grimburrow also stood at the wishing well gate, smoking a voluminous pipe.

Further on near the crossroads Trig saw a group of children playing, and noticed that one of them was the young girl Lereia. She stopped short when she saw that perched on her shoulder was a raven, and that it accepted a tidbit from one of the other children who laughed.

“Say thank you Eronil” said Lereia, and the children laughed as the bird capered. The raven flew up and perched on an old ash next to the path. Trig noticed that it seemed like a pefectly healthy normal raven, though unusually it sported a single white feather amidst its plumage.

“Trig. Trig.” quoted the raven, and then as Trig stood still, not sure what to say, it flew back to Lereia, uttering a noise that sounded a little like laughing. Shaking her head Trig walked on, as the rest of the group headed westward along the path that led west and north around Lake Lias towards Tamrivena.

Pevrin stopped and waved, and shouted goodbye, and Lereia ran up to his side, also waving and calling. Eronil sat perched on her shoulder. As they watched Christov and Ysabot disappeared first into the moor mist, followed by Wilf, and then Sif and Keryn. At the rear of the column Trig lingered last, then turned and waved. Then with a last step she too was gone, her form receding into the thick mists, and the distance.


Ok feel free to do any additional shopping before you leave.

The party Wiki is up to date as of close of play.

I have given the +1 ring Protection to Sif (feel free to argue).

There are still some unassigned items but Lepidstadt is a better place to sell anyway.

I enjoyed this one and hope to run it again next September. Thanks for playing.

A Farewell to Ravengro

Thanks Steve, thoroughly enjoyed the adventure, and working with the team. On the additional items front, happy to ‘look after’ the +ring and the masterwork long sword while we travel to Lepidstadt, unless anyone would prefer to care-take either item. On the shopping front, I would like to buy a masterwork backpack and some warm clothes. I’ll make the necessary changes to character sheet and money. On the travel front, I suggest we buy a mule to carry the ‘extra stuff’ we don’t want to have to carry on our person. At some point, I would like to buy some masterwork chain light armour.

A Farewell to Ravengro

You can get masterwork light chain at Jorfas; trading in old costs 225 gp and reduces armor penalty by 1.

Masterwork pack costs 50 gp and weighs 4 rather than 2

A Farewell to Ravengro

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