Shadows Over Ustalav

A Brief Interlude

1st November 4711: before Dawn

It was just after midnight when the Deputy banged on the Door. Keryn and Trig opened up to see Deputy Trestleblade shivering in the cold air. Out in the road the red glow of the watchpoint bonfire could be seen.

“Sheriff’s compliments. Come to the Jail at once.” she said.

Ten minutes later they arrived at the jail. The Sherriff nodded and led them through to the cells. All were full, but in the end cell was situated Gibbs Hephanus; as they approached he hurled himself at the bars.

“You Fools! Do you think you can stop me? I AM IMMORTAL. All of you in this pathetic little hovel will suffer, and you two Pretties especially. I know you now Trig Kemble, and Keryn Hawke. You will look much prettier when your bodies writhe in agony and spurt with blood. I know you now!”

“Calm down Mr. Hephanus. We are your friends” attempted Keryn.

“You lying bitch! I’ll see your fucking Heart Ripped out!” snarled Gibbs, and lunged at Keryn who had approached closer. The Sheriff’s truncheon snapped down on his arm. Gibbs cried in pain, and then threw himself bodily at the door, again and again. After several attempts he fell senseless to the floor. They returned into the office.

“This started at midnight” said the Sheriff.“It’s like he’s possessed.”

“Maybe he is Sheriff.” said Trig, and summarised their trip to the Prison.

“Hmm. I need to think about this " said the Sheriff. “I may speak to you again in the morning.”



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